A3 Studio

a3 Studio & Technology LTD. a group of multidisciplinary professionals aimed to provide consultancy services of highest standards. The firm has established in 2008 with the coming together of a small group of likeminded professionals who were willing to pool their resources to define a new order of consulting services. The concept of openness in absorbing new talents was the key to the success a3 Studio & Technology LTD. commands today.

a3 Studio & Technology LTD. is now offer services of practically any nature to provide individualized services that best meet the requirements of a client or of a group. Services include all kinds of work required for building construction, Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Plumbing and Sanitary, Mechanical design of building projects or any foreseeable area of work. Construction management and supervision and on a larger scale planning consultancy, and feasibility studies are also within the normal scope of services. The firm’s expertise in interior design and construction, foundation design and building protection schemes has been appreciated. Besides being a group on its own a3 Studio & Technology LTD. is closely associated with other groups involved in the area of building and infrastructure construction and if the need arises, is in a position to form associations with them for highly specialized services.

The firm believes that with the coming together of the right kinds of expertise any work is possible, is the driving force behind a3 Studio & Technology LTD. and we look forward to any challenge