AAA Stone Tech Ltd

Originally main stream of the Green Granite and Marble Ltd and subsequently on the 11th may, 2015  it became a sister concern of the Green Granite & Marble Ltd under the Companies ACT, 1994 in the name & title of AAA Stone tech ltd at Nimertak, Rajfulbaria, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh with Mr. Arif Hossain Chowdhury as its Managing Director.

The promoters envisages setting up of a granite processing industry under the name and style of AAA stone Tech Ltd. At 100% capacity, the project would be capable of producing 21.00 lac sft of granite slab on the basis of one shift of operation per day and 300 working days in a year. It will be able to fulfill the present market demand for granite slab which s being used to decorate building/ apartment, shopping mall, office, educational institution and many other purpose.

Product description:
Natural stone like granite is capable of taking a high polish and is therefore used as decorative stones for cladding purpose in the construction industry as well as for monumental and memorial work. Granite carries a status symbol of luxury and it give long term benefit to one who has purchased it. It’s a very durable stone. The granite tiles can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration of our home floors countertops fireplace porticos of large or small building can be made elegant and luxuriant by granite. Large building monuments multi storied building makes use of this stone for adding that elegant decorative touch.

Since granite is a hard rock special grinding and polishing heads are used for rapidly grinding and polishing the slabs of granite for polishing soft stones like marble. It is necessary to have a complete surface to surface contact of abrasive and marble. The basic precipice of polishing any natural stone is to hone the surface of the stone by progressivism using finer mesh of abrasive until the luster of the stone is obtained. A polish piece of naira modem stone processing plants bonded abrasives are used for grinding and polishing natural stones.