Aryan Stone Industries

Originally main stream of the Green Granite and Marble Ltd and subsequently on the 18th day of September, 2007, it became a sister concern of the Green Granite & Marble Ltd under the Companies ACT, 1994 in the name & title of Aryan Stone Industries Limited at Tatki, Tarabo, P.S. Rupganj, Dist. Narayanganj with Mr. Arif Hossain Chowdhury as its Managing Director. In order to strengthen its overall production capacity, some new machinery like an 80-blade natural stone sawing/cutting machine Gangsaw of Italian origin was set up. Besides, a 35 ton capacity heavy-duty Gantry crane & a Single- blade Block Dressing Machine were also imported, installed & simultaneously commissioned for handling & processing of marble, travertine, sand stone, slate stones & verities of natural stones.

Thus a new 315KVA Power Sub-station was also set-up to support the existing 200KVA power sub-station for un-iterupted power supply to the machinery & equipments of ASI Ltd. Besides, a new slurry water Filtering Machine has been also set-up for the supply of clean water to the machinery & equipments of the processing lines.

The ASI Limited has special fasciitis for high grade polish finishing of marble, travertine and other natural stones on its Auto-line polishing machine. The ASI Ltd is also capable of providing different high grade fishes like Antique finish, Mat finish, Sand blasted Froast finish etc. With the recent addition of CNC Water Jet Cutting Machines & Laser engraving machine, verities designs & inscriptions in National & International languages are being carried out effectively.

Last but not the least the ASI Limited is Environment friendly with no water & sound pollution. The workers are provided with safety shoes, goggles & apron. Utmost care is also taken for the safely of all categories of employees of the company.